October 6, 2016

Let the Demo begin

Tonight was a night off to rest, relax, and prepare for knocking out the demolition. We actually started on some of the demo a couple of days ago.  The house had developed a roof leak, which wasn't a problem for most of the year, since it really didn't rain.  Once it started raining, we had a vibrant mold farm in the area by our basement. It is also an old basement with stone walls, and so there is plenty of mold to go around down there anyway.


This whole area was pretty spectacular if you like mold.  The smell was not that great. 

This closet in the main living room actually extended onto the basement stairway. As you can see, the whole area was nice and moldy.

Some of the wall studs were so soaked that water squeezed out when I pried against them with my hammer. 

If you want to see pics of the demo in action, and after pics, you'll have to check out Vanessa's blog here.

That's all for tonight. Thanks for stopping by. Stay Classy.


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