August 6, 2017

Concrete Kitchen Island Installation

So we got the bright idea to do concrete countertops. We like the look, and it was a lot more affordable than the Carrera marble that was our second option. I did one small bathroom vanity as a test option, and have been doing every other project I can do at the house, rather than doing the island, because the island is a bit intimidating.  When I did the bathroom vanity, I used a wet sander to get the imperfections out.  It used a ton of water, which wasn't a problem because I did it outside.  I didn't have that option with the island, as it weighed between 500 - 1,000 lbs.  We had to pour it in place.  My goal was get it as smooth as possible, so that I didn't need to use the wet sander.  Fortunately, I had some good help, and I think it's going to be smooth enough that we won't have to use the wet sander.

Island all framed up and reinforced with wire mesh

Seth, Ross, and Vanessa mixing the cement.

 More Mixing

 The finished product. 

Tomorrow night the frames come off. Hopefully the edges are ok.

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